Friday, July 20, 2012

Options after BTech ???


1. Job 
Technical / Non-Technical / software

2. Higher Studies
GATE (MTech)
GRE(MS Abroad)

3. Entrepreneur

4. IAS / IES 
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      I am sai srinivas, aeronautical student from Institute of aeronautical engineering, dundigal. I have met you a month ago seeking your advice. I got seat in IIT kharagpur. The branch   offered is Earth System Science and Technology. This is a research oriented branch. There will be more opportunities if I can go to Ph.D. I am really in dilemma whether to choose this branch or to leave it. I am not able to decide and conclude whether I have interest in research or not. My alternate plan is to go for masters in USA. I have two job offers in hand. I can work for two years then I can pursue masters in aerospace engineering. My aggregate is 82.16. Please suggest me and help me to take a firm decision. I am afraid that I may take a wrong step.

Thank you


If your interest is Research and Academics.. no second thought - get into MTech.
MS as such is not in hand, you could shift from MTech to MS as the offer comes.
If work / industry is your choice go ahead.
But many who start working, may not show interest in learning higher and operate MTech / MS after a few years !!

Best wishes dear.
U may call me / contact me if further require and discussion please.



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