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2nd - EEE - 2011 - 2015 from 120709


---------- 120709 --------------


It has been a great moment being one of the member of your class. I don't know whether you will be reading this or not but i hope it ends in a positive note. Thinking optimistically am writing to you. the class has been wonderful and am looking forward to more of your classes You are a true inspiration by your self and the quality of what you are going to teach us need not be mentioned . The first time i heard about you and your experiences the only thought that came to me was will there be any other person holding such stature in life and still fond of developing the youth. The first thing i learned in this today's class is not what you said but the way you spoke. Yeah the first thing i learnt is people must be interactive to create impressions just LIKE YOU. Hope you agree with me and i have learned a lot many things in today's class. some of them are to do everything with full heart. there should be curiosity to learn. we need to be different and intellectual. one should have in himself to do better and many.

It may be revolting from my side to say and at the same time ask one or two questions. First of all sir you are a wonderful and one of the best teachers one can ever get. And this has involuntarily made me to think that you are different from the other staff and i have a very higher expectations on you. It may be right that am not even the age of your experience sir but my curiosity is making me ask you the following things.

1.  you are assessing the students who come up and speak up to you and in front of our own mates and you are marking them don't you feel that a person who is not having the courage to stand in front of the class will be left out of the class?

2. And even if they want to meet you in person and ask you, yours say of looking at the person's activeness in the class will be the criteria of getting answers from you had created an impression in their minds that they will not be able to learn any thing from you. And your assessing method is very different from others and do you feel that yours is a fool proof assessment?

3. And i had observed your body language twice from my arrival at this college, it should be  as i had known or taught during public speaking from my previous sessions in my sainik school was different to every aspect. they said me not to lean on the podium, stand straight, do not use much hand gestures, speak plainly and quickly. I liked your style of public speaking and interaction and i want to follow your style. can i adapt it? or is there a different way a student must follow?

I know you will be very busy with many mails but please take some pain in answering my amateur questions. hope i get my answers either by mail or in person.

Thanking you Sir

Yours ever Sincere

2 - 1.

-- In this mail i want to share few points which i felt more  important in today's class
1. daily reading news paper 
2.aim of this semester is to improve communication skills
3.important thing in class is to take notes 
4.we should sharp in class
5.we should be disciplined
6.if we have good receiving knowledge then we should be efficient to express  it
7.A good teacher is always a good teacher 
8.we should practice fast reading 
9.From acharya we get 1\4th , we can learn our self 1\4th, and by discussion we can learn 1\4th.
10. we should try to learn before the class is taken .
11.what ever we learn we should read thoroughly.
Thank you sir 

D.Arun EEE.2B 282



  •  Today i learn the 24 points these are.
  • Proper reading for news(International news,National news, State news)
  •       . Collect the at least 20 points per every day.
  •         Gold particles it deals how to planets are formed to Big bank theory formed by collision of two protons in opposite direction.
  • A student have telephone skills,analytical skills, maths skills,communication skills.
  • Nuclear accelerate in Jn in Delhi.
  • Curiosity to learn from interest.
  • Asking questions.
  • Good student make a notes &take important pints.
  • If u make notes talking is good and learn interest and easy to understand.
  • Students should be improve the communication skills.
  • If you teach very well you can make a good reader..
  • 100% student must be can do hard work ,fast reading &improve the communication skills. 
  •  Read before the class and come..
  • Learn with interest.
  • Knowledge is creativity more than reading and learning.
  • create a lot of questions.
  • learn with the interest topics..
  • If read the topic before the teachers explain the topic it helps in developing the questions.
  • When student  was stay in class student must have can be alert..
  • Always student must have responsibilities,maintenance,behaviour,attitude,communication skills.
  • Should have full concentration on learning.
  • student must have 5 points  1.maintain your health,
  •                                          2activity
  •                                          3.physically
  •                                 have a spirit,emotionally good...
  • Discuss with friends.
  • If you walk up early take more water..




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