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3rd - Mechanical 2010-2014 A/B fom 120704

after job apportunites are more than compared to 
4 things after
may be job 

going for  in iit and nits( after teaching jobs are more and they are easy).

ms in any good university ( europe provides a free education for ms  but geting seat is not that easy) 

going for mba is not a good option.
 first we have to compleete our subject and than going for mba in a very good ibs is better

ies is also a good option (  if we prepare for ies than gate will be easy )

after that if any one wants to be at a higher position in the society then go fot civil services.

to get success in all these  PREPERATION MUST START FROM NOW ITSELF

we discussed about sattlite launching station 
 the main part comes from banglore
 and the fuel tank from mahandragiri
  to take the pictures on the earth for a particular area
 the size of a camera is as big as a room about ( 30 feet) by length
 to make a satiltate tht manufacture 12 pieces for time being 
the lenght is about 60-100 feet 
and tempt of burning is around 5000 k
 diameter of rocket is 10-12 mts
and sir tld about anusha for about 5 minutes 
 and all the indians say tht india is my nation...........
for a person self motivation is important,,,,,,,,
Pranay Kumar
Mech 3A

Hello sir,i am sameer of civil 3rd year...2day we got to know much more important guidance from u to decide our future..u said us that we have 5 options after completing tech through gate.3. job .4.opening industry by partnerships. we have also got to know that doing phd is a very good thing for which we have to work hard a lot.2days class was much more useful to me which cleared my all doubts of future planning.sorry sir i could not come to u personally for giving my assignment.will come tomorrow for sure.thank you sir for your valuable information in 2days class.goodnyt sir!!!



                                            I Krishna Saurabh of mechanical 3-B would first like to thank you for conducting this session again. This is regarding the session held on 24th July 2012 at the Seminar Hall of Mechanical Department.

              I would like to start with the topic of Discipline, which you have found deficient in our batch (i.e.) Mechanical and Civil students.The word Discipline meant a lot to me from my childhood, but after attending your sessions i have not only understood the in-depth importance of it in the Professional field but also trying to practice the same in daily routine of life.The best example of this that was noticed by me is "Not occupying the First Chairs" during the start of the session.I would also like to apologize for not following this discipline. Secondary the vision of yours to churn us into Leaders to lead but not to lag (or) stay behind someone.

                                            The habit that we should cultivate in ourselves is to ask questions regularly whenever we find ourselves in dilemma. I would also like to mention the process of Acupressure that was practiced by clapping till our hands got reddish, the process by which the whole body will energize in less time.The subject seems to be of much interest because whole body can be represented only in hand. The simple cure or remedy that was found to be very useful was to cure head ache by mere pressing the thumb!!. The moment this came to my mind i started relating the technical subjects with the functioning of body parts. The fascinating thought was to relate an I.C.Engine with Heart of Human body. The topic of Blood as the "Non Newtonian Fluid" was also very useful."Ghee" was also an example given which is also considered as "Lazy Fluid" as par with blood which don't obey Newton's Laws.

                                          The comparison of the students studying in the private Engineering colleges with the students of IIT's had made me much more competitive than before, hard work and a lot of disciplinary practices that should be worked out to reach the level of high standards as of IIT/ IISc/IISER.

                                            The importance of common-sense involved in the interviews of companies was also very much useful. Example of the same was to measure height of one of the wall present in seminar hall.The units of measurements such as Feet, Inches, Meters etc and the relation involved between them.Scope for Civil Engineers was also discussed.

                                           Mechanical Engineering Students also had the opportunities to become aware of specialization subjects for pursuing higher education.The Fields that was informed are, in no particular order., Design, Production, Thermal, Fluid Mechanics, Automation, Aerospace etc.

                                         Finally the summary of the whole session was to cultivate the discipline among ourselves and to be more interactive in sessions like this.Last but not the least i would like to request you not to stop this kind of informative plus learning sessions for our batch, especially your involvement is much more needed.

                                         Looking Forward with more of such sessions, especially with your involvement for development of ourselves which will help us to know better that who we are and what we can do.


Krishna Saurabh

------------------------- 120704 ----------------------------

               I Krishna Saurabh, (10621A03A5),  a student of Mechanical Department has attended the class of a placement training program held today (i.e. July 4th 2012) in the Seminar hall of the department.

               I am writing this mail in order to express my views regarding the things that was observed by me in the class.

               I would like to start by the video that was showing the advancement in the technology made by the Germans by making the Robotic Bird (Smart Bird - As they represent) using the basic principles of the nature i.e. Physics. The Video gave me the knowledge in both the ways, Technically and also Spiritually.
                The Technicality implemented  was mainly the principles of Aerodynamics - i.e. the Drag Force and the Lift Force and also the equations involved for calculating the numerical values for the same. The equation you mentioned was Minkowski's Equation.

               The Spiritual Knowledge is that, The Human Being already has every power present in the Universe, It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. A person can do anything in his life whether it is a small or big, every achievement can be made if one has a dedication and the hard-work towards his goal. The example of the same that you have presented regarding one of your student, Mr. Bharat Chandra, was also the motivational one.

               Finally I would like to thank you and conclude by saying that - On the whole the two hours was not just a mere academic class but a motivational class which made me to know that a person have the abilities to concur everything he need in his life. It is just the correct mixture of dedication and hard-work which one needs to achieve the goals.

Thanking You Sir,
Yours Faithfully

Krishna Saurabh
(Mechanical -3B)


 Good evening sir,this is Bramha nanda reddy .P ,from 3- mechanical.
                           1)Firstly,i would like to tell you that i liked "take notes and make notes" concept,which helps a lot, an individual to go peaks and from now i will try to implement this as maximum as possible in every aspect.
                            2) i  thank you for showing us the video of an automated BIRD,which was created by German scientists after so many trials,which made me to gear up my mind to farthest levels. 
                            3)The topic of Mr.Bharath Chandra,who stood as Beacon of Light for the youth,inspired me,more specifically it has given a "push" to my thoughts.
                            4)i am happy to hear answers for the question i have asked...
                              "Does God Exist?",
            I want to end this up by a deep sense of gratitude for your able guidance and encouragement in today's session.
 bramha nanda reddy polaka
MECH - 3
 -----------------------------------------------------------  120711 ------------------------------------

 Good Evening sir,
    I am P.BRAMHA NANDA REDDY, of mechanical-3(B),would like to share few experiences in today's PTP session.
-> i have learnt whats the basic difference between a NOVEL and A SHORT STORY...
ANSWER: A NOVEL is a long story consisting of many characters,situations,plots etc,but where as a SHORT STORY include only few characters and ends in a short time.
->came across some interesting words like chopper,hail,memoir.
->very much fascinated about your frequent sayings "keep learning everything as much as possible in life","Ask yourself and answer yourself"...
->discussed about the way to improve english and communication skills by reading regularly newspapers,magazines,television etc...
->last but not least got to know clearly about your QUALIFICATION and DESIGNATIONS and some of your MEMOIRS...
->looking forward for your valuable sessions...
 bramha nanda reddy polaka

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