Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CSE3 - AEC / CRT 120124----

Respected Sir,

It was our first session with you, sir. Yesterday’s session completely boosted us with confidence and some awareness towards our goals. Classification of Groups made the session more interesting and I am eager to take up the first activity. It was a very interaction for us after a very long time and the tourism minister who executed the bungee jump is from the nation Zambia and his name is Given Lubinda. Hope we have several sessions of this sort.

hitesh mohite

Good evening sir

I am the part of today’s wonderful P.D session. Am realized that, I should not be satisfied with what I have now…this is the one which I had learned from todays session..

i hope this will help me to grow up in my life… am really thankful to you sir…because your class changed my narrow thoughts to broad… self confidence is more important to a person ..i think I got it from todays session…really thanksssss thanks a lot..

with regards,

Bhavani shanker,


Dear Sir,

This is Yashasvi from CSE-3B of Aurora's Engineering College.I was a part of the interactive session conducted by you on campus placements at seminar hall today.I have listened to couple of your lectures earlier on Infosys tour and the one conducted on Indian Defence. I have listened to many lectures till date and all your sessions stay apart. Your examples have some realism and the matter of practicality and liveliness is what distinguishes your lectures from the rest. I have seen many blogs of you and I am also a part of the EFIL.We are lucky to have a personality like you and I hope we have many such sessions like this. Love you Sir !!!!

Thanking You

With regards,

Yashasvi Pyaraka.


Good Evening.....i browsed through the incedent in the internet and this is the information i could gather about the same .

The incident took place in Zambia . All this started with an Australian Traveler did as thousands of jumpers before her did at this high profile adventure destination and when she was 60 feet above the water, the bungee cord snapped, sending her down into the Zambezi River beneath her.

Most fortunately she survived, was able to swim to shore and has, what appears to be, a few bruises and a harrowing story to tell the rest of her life.

Video footage showing a holidaymaker plunging into crocodile-infested waters after her cord snaps during a bungee jump isn't really the best advert to encourage tourism.

Which is probably why Zambia's tourism minister decided to do a bungee jump himself from the bridge over the Zambezi River to reassure travellers after the now-famous Erin Langworthy video which was beamed around the world.


Ramesh Bhargava K,


Enegetic Sentences

(Which developes boost in our confidence)

1) What you want to be?

2) There may not be relation between education & profession.

3) Your spent time should be investment.

4) Real personality.

5) Live in full enjoyment.(LIFE)

Shravan Chikka

Monday, January 23, 2012

CSE2 / AEC - 120123, 25,

Today’s news (21/03/2012)

Ø Tata is the only Indian co in top 50 best global brands and the rank is 44.as many as six Indian brands including-tata(44),airtel(186),sbi(218),Infosys(296),reliance(235),ioc(292) have been named amongst world’s 500 best brands this year by global consultancy firm ‘brand finance’.

Ø Mim celebrates 50 years of presence in the house in the assembly in Hyderabad.

Ø Modi bankrupt owes 53 lakh.

Ø Flintoff sets 14 world records in 12 hours, all for charity.

Ø A school bus fell into a rivulet(small stream) from a bridge at tungaram peddawagu near to kottagudem.eight children died while 20 were critically injured in the accident.

Ø On March 25 Hyderabad will be the destination for many Indians to see lanterns in the sky at hitec grounds.

m nagaraju


TODAY’S (120321) NEWS


· Result of by-elections are released

o Mahabub nagar-BJP


o Nagar Kurnool-independent

o All the remaining constituencies are won by TRS

· New railway minister- Mukhul Rai

· Mamatha forces congress to decrease the hike of railway charges

· Ex railway minister says that the railway budjet is known to the mamatha before hand.


· A school bus had fallen in to the stream near kothagudem in khammam district.

· Govt. had announced 50,000 for the death as exgratia.

· 8 kids(below 7 years old) had lost their lives in the accidents


· India out of Asia cup

· Bangladesh will meet Pakistan in finals

hari jonnalagadda



Points we discussed today (21st March 2012)

· What is meant by psychology

· About existence of black magic

· About the utensil used by anandapadmanabha temple for making payasa,and about the research went on on that metal…..which is later named as bell metal.

· About computer science is a main engineering branch or not.

· About Vedas….

· About dharmaraju and dhutharastra story…

· If manas is agitated automatically body gets agitated.

· About America,that it is worst country,only looks out for its benefits.

· Whether we can prove practically if ther is a soul in our boby.

· About global warming,whether it is really on process or not…

· The temperature of particular city is measured at airports.

· Aptitude means interest in learning.

· We discussed about What is neotic science…

· Only 1 out of 100 from a branch are getting placed.

· Computer science students don’t have chance for writing IES(Indian Engineering Service) exam.

· Main cause for asking us,to present questions today.

By M.Rajashekhar(cse-2b)

aircraft was first designed in 1903.

Psychology-it is the analyses of behavior of a person.
In varahamethra book definition of a aircraft is-
Desha deshantaram yadbuk
Deepa deepantaram cheva
Yo ambare genbumarhasi
Sa vimane ethibuktha.
Aptitude- interest in something.
Yuga is of 3,20,000 years.
Tradition-which we had followed long back
Culture-which we are following present days
Two types of software companies
1) Developers
2) Maintainers
IES-Indian Economic Service.
UGC-University Grants Commission.

sent by



Points we discussed today (21/4/12)

· The science of analysis of behavior is psychology.

· The way we react with the situations is behavior.

· Desha deshantaram yatbak:-if we want to go from one desha to other desha.

· Dupa dupantaram chaiva:-if we want to go from one island to other island by seaways or airways.

· Out of six Vedas we have many more upavedas .one of the upaveda is for medical science (ayurvedha).

· The temperature of particular city is measured at airports.

· The person who can control manas, body, and athma is a spiritual person (athmiya pursha).

· If manas is agitated automatically body gets agitated and vice versa.

· Aptitude means interest in learning.





Ø Psychology is analysis of behavior

Ø Desha deshantaram ethbac

Dhupa dhupantaram chiava

Yo ambarey gandu marhasi

Sa vimana iti proctha

Ø There are 6 upavedas and one of them is ayurveda

Ø Ayurveda is not only for human being but also for all living organisms.

Ø There is big vessel in the anantha padmanabha swami temple in kerala. The research is still going on to find the metal with which it is build.

Ø Good students must have the inquisity of learning.

Ø A person is termed as an “ENGINEER” only if he is innovative.

Ø There is no global warming on this earth. Its “politrics” played by the Americans on all other countries

Ø Aptitude is interest in learning.

Ø Tradition- what we had in the past.

Heritage refers to tradition.

Ø Culture is the one which is prevailing now.

Ø Big bang theory is the theory which says about the origin of matter in the space.

o Particle came from a sound called “sputum”.

o Combination of that particles are responsible for forming of matter.

o Different combinations of the particles gives the different types of matter.

o One scientist who talks about the big bang theory recently is stephen hawkins

hari jonnalagadda



Malware : a generic term for unwanted software that security executes unwanted actions.

spyware : software that secretly gathers information about a user from a computer.

Malware : short for malicious software designed to disrupt computer operations.

While it is sometimes software , it can also appear in the form of script or code.

It uses internet and world-wide-web as its pathway .

Its general term used to describe any kind of software or code specifically designed to exploit a computer ,without consent.

Malware is not same as defective software which is software that contains harmful bugs .

Ex : virus , worms.

The first mobile phone virus , “cabir “ appeared in 2004.

First worms , network-borne infections programs , originated not on p.c, but on multitasking unix system.

First well known worm was internet worm of 1988 infected in SUN OS and VAXBSD.;



what i learned today is about adware,botnet,firewall,trojan,differences between virus,worm,trojan horse.


hello sir,

1:- Today's class was very interesting. Your way of teaching inspiring us to great heights, and a few points on that are:

2:-we are not lower than anyone unless you (we) reached our goal.(ex:-when sunlight is focused ,convex lens will protect us)

3:- The more u learn the more you teach ,then will not forget forever

4:-we also discussed that knowledge , money,fame makes a person more respectable without considering their age

5:-Brain is much more brilliant than you use it and go into deep levels and understand the concept thoroughly acquire always 100% knowledge (whatever u learn)

6:-A concentrated mind can do every thing love what you are doing, be enthusiastic

7:-we also discussed there are 5 important things we need to follow physically , emotionally, intellectual ,spiritually , socially

8:-we discussed an example, a lady who already married ,having small children worked hard and passed postal service exam ,and now is the one of the head officer in india

swarna latha

Points from CLASS on 120125 by DrTPS


2.Whatever you do today is useful someday.

3.We respect others based on knowledge , fame & rich - but not on age.

4.If you desire you can do.

5.Be as simple as you are.

6.Behave higher than your age, every one will love & respect you.

7.Don’t ever hesitate in asking questions.

8.Enjoy every second of life.

9.Try to deliver as much as you can physicaly, intellectually, EMOTIONALY, socially & SPIRITUALY



Taking EXTRA effort of helping others by sacrificing his SELFISHNESS is KARMA

Best KARMA is





(Best service is feeding, BUT Teaching is a much higher. Food has its shorter effect, Vidya has LIFE LONG effect)

Report by - GAYATHRI, CSE 2A

23 hours ago
Bogade Saiteja
  • NAMASTE SIR.....!!!!!!!!!
    This is ur student B.SAITEJA from CSE2A AEC . today whatever u have the seminar u have taken was so motivating and studious which made to enlighten my mind .And i just want to go head with what u say.
    the things which u said us today among them i have grasped some of the them,that are
    1.this year is the mathematical year
    2.and we are going to learn mainly about the Indian heritage mathematics.
    3.the motive of making students learn and share with others so that we can enjoy our work.
    4.LIFE-live in full enjoyment
    5.about swami vivekananda

1. position of us after B-tech

2. You want us to place in All India Services

3. Developing our communication skills in English.

4. Seminar will be there in Mahaboob engineering college on 12feb.

5. Vivekananda was became famous by his speech(good language).

6. personality development.

7. Vivekananda gave his first speech in Hyderabad in Mahaboob Engineering college on 13Feb.

8. Sharing our knowledge will improve our command on the subject.

9. Our college can get fame by exposing ourselves in extra cirricular activities .

10. Reading books fastly can improve our language.

11. Every day we have to read newspaper to know the current affairs.

12. You suggested us to do activity on Mathematics.

13. This year is considered as year of the Mathematics.

14. you are going to conduct the classes during holidays at the end of session by selecting some of us.

15. You want to see 25% of us to be placed in AllIndia Services after Three Years.


I attended your class 6 years back in Ramakrishnamatam . I was inspired by your speech on that day and I felt happy that again you started motivating us in this way.Its my glad to meet you sir.

Brahmani Vulise











kandukuri gayathri

Good evening Sir,

I am Kinsky Joshi a student of CSE 2A.

I would like to share the things which i have learnt from you today:

1)You started the session saying that we are going to proceed in a manner in which all general matters will be brought to limelight. And you even conveyed that it will be an interactive session unlike a classroom.

2)Secondly,You made us aware of the various AIS services and their importances.

3)Our next discussion was on how we can improve our communication skills and how simple and crisp manner english can be spoken,so that it is understood by all our fellow mates.So,the importance on english was brought to limelight here.

4) We then moved on to some activity i.e. preparing charts. For this,we were being divided into groups and each group was given a group leader. Our duty is to prepare charts on a particular matter and document it in a very presentable manner..!!.

5) You even mentioned that you'd be selecting few students among us who are active, and enthusiastic enough to take responsibilities whole heartedly!

6) You even made us aware about this year saying that this is the year of "mathematical foundation".

7) You concluded saying that this is "knowledge shared is knowledge gained". Therefore we must share knowledge as much as we can....!!

Sir it was indeed an influencing and a mind refreshing session.

I am looking forward to more of it.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


Kinsky Joshi

I am glad to see students like you in the college..

Must be more and more active..

Let us make a difference.

I am with you.

You are good.. good in documentation.

Dream Higher.


be active and post questions at community




many blogs like the one with HP-EFIL.



Must use all the spare time in learning and sharing.

Learn & Teach.

LIFE is Learn In Full Enjoyment.







I Sowmya belongs to CSE dept attaching the document regarding your lecture given in the evening. As my mail ID crashed, I am giving you the mail from my sister's mail ID.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please find the document in the above attachment.

Ø High thinking - Other than software engineering, something unique for our bright future

Ø Language – It is a communication between 2 people, so be sure in what we speak because it gives our identity and respect in community. To improve our language we have to read news paper in a minimum span of time.

Ø Knowledge – The more we share , the more we gain, spreading knowledge increases our confidence.

Ø Student should participate actively in the competitive examinations to compete with outside world.

Ø There are 58 courses like IAS, IPS, IES etc in which IES is the most important for the engineering students to become leader.

Ø Never feel ourselves as weak, incompetitive with others.

Ø Students should be energetic, optimistic, and should have sporting spirit in all the activities.

Ø Every work should be in a fun and satisfying.

Ø B-Tech – this is the time where we turn our life to achieve our goals. We learn more and more from our surroundings, parents.

Ø Paper presentations makes student more expressive and pick out hidden talents.

Ø Hard work – without this nothing can be turned into fruitful result.Students should show more interest to gain knowledge from every side of their life.

Ø Not only Subject knowledge, but also basic knowledge is required to get placed in reputed company.

Ø Student should come up with creative and innovative ideas.

* Apart from this we inspired a lot from your speech and the way you guide us. I feel proud to be your student.

* Yours sincerely,

* Sowmya,

* CSE department.

1. Swami vivekananda and his speeches.

2. Importance of English.

3. There is no relation between the thing we are studying and we are going to work.

4. Importance of good proffesional job.

5. Importance of IAS,IFS,IPS.

6. The different way of teaching of yours.

7. Attractive teaching techniques of yours.

8. The correct way of pronouncing.

9. Your specialization in mathematics.

10. Your native and education(kerala-malayali).

11. Have discussed about some of your students placed in administrative service all over the country.

12. Dividing of students in sections wise and selecting volunteers among them.

13. Made those volunteers to sell Swami vivekananda books.

14. We are adviced to read newspaper regularily.

15. We received a great courage that soon we will be able to speak fluently in english.

16. We are adviced to read any english book or article quite faster to improve the language.

17. Opened a great secret that you are highly paid in our college.

18. Offered many interesting prizes who are showing more interest in his classes.

19. Advised to attempt IES exam along with GATE.

20. Gave us a great hope that we will be placed into a good company if we follow him.

21. Revealed a secret that he is healthy and didn't fell ill since 25 years.

22. Created the competition between both the section students in participating actively.

23. You possess about 1000 presentations in your laptop, covering all possible topics.

24. You are the overall trainer in 5 fields including spiritual.

25. Head of the department of MBA.

26. Had written three books based on the students.

27. Have good simple language.

28. The one who speaks without any pause is the perfect one in language.

29. Gave your mail address and contact number, and asked to write about what we have discussed today.

30. You have said that you will select some students and train them to the best.

This is all we have discussed today sir.

Thank you sir!

CSE2B / niharika k


v Today we had a great session of personality development class given by Dr.Sasi kumar sir who is the placement incharge of our college.

v Firstly sir asked us to occupy the first rows in the class.

v No chair should be left empty in the 1st row.

v What should we do after the completion of our btech.

v Most of think of becoming a software engineer which is a meaningless ambition.

v Its like having a knife in our hand but doesnot know what to do with that.

v What we study is not related to our profession.

v We will be professional only for few years but after that we will be some administration job.

v Prepare for all India services.

v Preparation for gate is almost equal to the preparation for IES exam,so we can attempt both the exams.

v Atleast few of us should be in Indian services.

v How to improve our language.

v We should read news paper daily and read some general books.

v Practice reading fastly it automatically improves your language.

v A two and year child can speak his mother togue without any grammatical mistake.

v It takes one and half year for a person to learn a language.

v Most of the south Indians in college are not placed mainly due to lack of good language.

v Good language doesnot mean should use more difficult words it should be simple , understandable and grammatically correct.

v Make groups with leaders and present all the usefull matter in a4 size charts.

v Assignments should be done in groups and best of them wil be selected and given some prize.

v Swamy Vivekananda had a very good language.

v He was the first person to give speech in Chicago which impressed all the citizens of that country.

v Swamy Vivekananda gave his first speech in mahaboobnagar in nizams college without any errors.

v A person will be respected by his culture and culture is seen by his language.

v This year is vivekananda’s 150th birthday so we are going to conduct a program on February 12th in the place where his first speech was given.

v This year is mathematics year and so let us work in mathematics.

v Life-“live in full enjoyement”

v We should enjoy our life but our enjoyement should not be suffering in future.

v Student life is the best enjoyement time but we have to learn while enjying.

v Learning without sharing is of no use.

v Sir shared a experience during his +2.

v His Sanskrit lecturer used to separate news paper topic wise and stick them daily

v His son has become a IAS officer.

v Sir said about his social networking services and tuitions and also about the blogs in facebook.

v These are the points mainly which we had discussed in todays personality session.