Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PTP Sessions at AEC by DrTPS Sabotaged

UNFORTUNATE THAT a few BRIGHTEST staff dont want AEC - BTechs PTP Classes .. and the Program is sabotaged....

I am R.saiomkar reddy of class 3ece b
 sir is there any chance for reconduction of ptp classes?

sir ,
     I am unable send the mail on time due to my internet problems ,so kindly permit me for the next class.
had many students who were behind me for sessions.....
ashwini more
Jul 28

to me
hello sir gud eveng..:)
      this is ashwini more from cse  sec a (3rd) year.unfortunately i missed P.T.P class this Wednesday..n sad to tell you that mi class mates couldnot convey me the activity that we need to do for this Wednesday. hope you tell it to me and also i request you to give me a chance to read out my matter on technology..hope you would accept my request and suggest me the work to be done..

thanking you,
yours sincerely
 good evening sir,

                   glad to write these paragraphs..
  The following is the knowledge which i gained by ur 3 sessions of PTP
 on the first friday i learnt the importance of reading an english news paper by which we can improve our communicational skills .we learnt one should have punctuality and taking notes is helpful for us.
after that we noted what is CERN (Europian center for nuclear research) ,also CCD(charge coupled device) which is used in digital imaging.
learnt about resolution - (resolving in detail)
we thought about an intelligent question that how to measure a thickness of a paper from a note book..i.e. by considering measurement of  the whole note book and by dividing with no. of pages it has.
The NOKIA company is the foremost one in manfacturing large no.of cameras.
on the second friday
we have discussed  GATE, after that
u have told us about a man's interest and how they  balance  studies with extra other qualities like music and dance or any other art, which mainly depends on a person's interest or enthuasiam on that perticular topic or area. so to do something or a bigthing or anything first and foremost we should have an interest on that.
we asked about  ur inspiration in real life, that was really interesting.
we have  known  a great personality named YASHPAL who is known for regular appearance on science program in doordarshan, T.N.Sheshan who is the election commissionar of india. he is known for his commitment.
            sir, The words u said about 'trust on some one' are really true.., when we have a trust on some one they definitely will do good things and vice versa...
u told us how a proffessor can find a thief...,that was a good logic and funny too. we discussed every thing is a business in this world right now ..
and now in today class,
we have known about NASCO( North association software and services company') also we learnt about "feel for the knowledge" which is a mind concept n listened so many xamples on that.

      finally today we learnt that 'aim for big goals bt not small" which is said by abdul kalam because  "we should always aim for the moon if its not reached don worry coz atleast we fall among the stars "
                       thanking you sir,
4th ece(a)

Shashank Mudivarthy
  • hello sir,
    I'm a student of aurora's engineering college(bhongir). I'm doing my 4th year in ece. Sir i've taken my GRE and secured 306 out of 340 in eng 150 and in math 156and now its time for my toefl which is on 28 oct of this month and in this I need your help sir.Some universities are asking a high speaking scores in toefl,so i need a little guidance from you where I can improve my speaking score. I've never seen any one who speaks so fluently and articulate words as you do sir.Sir, can you tell me your free time so that I can meet you tomorrow in the college.

Monday, August 6, 2012

NSIC - Entrepreneurship 120806-07

Hello Sir,
today workshop i.e 07-08-12, was motivational &  it gave a new idea to think about a future career option.
I was not aware that an Entrepreneur can be option to achieve our dream job.Especial Thank to NSIC
I got opportunity to meet & interact with Mr.Mustaq Ahmed Sir , who took workshop & enlighten us that
finance requirement is not a hurdle to start business & gave the details How Govt. is encouraging the
budding Entrepreneur??
                                                    THANK YOU SIR
(E.C.E 4 YR)

Gudevng sir,
im dheeraj reddy from 4a ece auroras engineering college,bhongir.
you had given us a great oppurtunity to attend workshop on enterprenuership,we people enjoyed alot learning things which are unaware to us.sir i request you to please conduct events like that we had today which provides self confidence and improves our personality.
sir if there are any mistakes in writing this email please forgive me.
thankin you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3rd CIVIL - 2014

hello sir,
i am sameer of 3rd year civil engineering department.
Firstly i want to thank u for giving us your valuable time to teach us placement training program.
To be frank i was getting afraid to message u...
because i am afraid of my mistakes...
but i closed my eyes n started thinking among myself...
then i made myself brave that if i will not learn now later i cannot learn all this skills because its already late for us to have this skills.
Coming to main topic regarding to today's class,
we dint gain much of things today from u because we disappointed u...
we were not active and we were not coming forward to interact with u...
we are really very sorry for it sir...
we should have thought these skills from our schooling itself but still we have time now also so we will try to come forward from next class for sure.
I remembered everything of today's asked us to get up n ask question regarding any topic but only 3 students responded 2day..
and regarding that steps question i have calculated in the class itself..
the height of the wall was 4.3 mts...
for it we have to start steps at a distance of 2.7 mts from the wall and we will get 15 steps..
including a landing in middle...
but i aws afraid.Sir it was not our fault faculty havnt gave us the idea while teaching vd live examples..
they were like just to teach us subject to write in exam...
but they never teach us y we are studying this topic...
how to analyse it..
n where to apply it...
Sir, we are really very sorry for disappointing you...
you said today that from next class u will send others to attend our class but we want you to teach us ...
Sir we want u to start teaching us the basic requirements to attend an interview.
Like what kind of questions they ask us..
how we have to respond to their questions...
what kind of attitude we have to maintain...etc..
and i am sorry if i make any mistake while using appropriate words..
thank you sir goodnight!!!!
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Sameer Sammy


Monday, July 23, 2012

3rd IT (2014) from 120718

Topics discussed on 18th july,2012 are  as follows:
·         To read newspapers.
·         Three things are needed to be successful.
1.       Chance
2.       Attitude
3.       Skill
·         Strength is important to achieve our goals
·         Just thinking of doing something does nt serve the purpose. we need to put it to action.
·         We need to work so hard that our passion becomes our vocation.. and then vocation becomes a vacation.
·         To be a leader we need to have the following qualities:
a.       knowledge
b.      attitude
c.       skill
·         "Learn as if you live forever and treat others asif they die the next moment."
·         Never spend time. Invest it.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Options after BTech ???


1. Job 
Technical / Non-Technical / software

2. Higher Studies
GATE (MTech)
GRE(MS Abroad)

3. Entrepreneur

4. IAS / IES 
 ---------------------- 120718---------------

      I am sai srinivas, aeronautical student from Institute of aeronautical engineering, dundigal. I have met you a month ago seeking your advice. I got seat in IIT kharagpur. The branch   offered is Earth System Science and Technology. This is a research oriented branch. There will be more opportunities if I can go to Ph.D. I am really in dilemma whether to choose this branch or to leave it. I am not able to decide and conclude whether I have interest in research or not. My alternate plan is to go for masters in USA. I have two job offers in hand. I can work for two years then I can pursue masters in aerospace engineering. My aggregate is 82.16. Please suggest me and help me to take a firm decision. I am afraid that I may take a wrong step.

Thank you


If your interest is Research and Academics.. no second thought - get into MTech.
MS as such is not in hand, you could shift from MTech to MS as the offer comes.
If work / industry is your choice go ahead.
But many who start working, may not show interest in learning higher and operate MTech / MS after a few years !!

Best wishes dear.
U may call me / contact me if further require and discussion please.



Sunday, July 15, 2012

2nd CIVIL - 2011-2015 from 120709

-------------------------- 120714 ----------------------------

Good Evening sir
I am Teja from 2nd year civil department.Yesterdays class was really very much interesting one.
I really did'nt know that matrices concept was used in photography. It was really amazing and the satellite speed with which it revolves around earth takes photo's in motion was really another great thing and great use of technology.The cam used i satellite has a 3 meter focal lenght this was really  astonishing. NRSC is in hyderabad and i did'nt know this.I gathered a litttle info of this. This is what i gathered... 
National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), located at Hyderabad is one of the centres of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), striving to realise the Indian Space Vision, as a key player in Earth Observation Programme and Disaster Management Support programme. NRSC is responsible for acquisition, processing, supply of aerial and satellite remote sensing data and continuously exploring the practical uses of remote sensing technology for multilevel (global to local) applications. It provides the necessary trained manpower through capacity building in remote sensing applications. NRSC at Hyderabad has been converted into a full-fledged centres of ISRO since September 1, 2008. Earlier, NRSC was an autonomous body called National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) under Department of Space (DOS). The Centre is responsible for remote sensing satellite data acquisition and processing, data dissemination, aerial remote sensing and decision support for disaster management.
I got to know many news things like AURA (an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object) , KRILIAN Photography Kirlian photography refers to a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges in the presence of moisture. 
It was great knowing these interesting facts. I am more enthusisastic and looking forward for more intresting things i would learn in the class.
Thank you sir.
 sdn teja
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

2nd IT 2011-2015 from 120709

------------------ 120714 -------------------
Good Evening Sir,

I must say this i consider myself to be lucky to have a teacher like you ,sir.I'm fortunate that i have a master who has tonnes of  knowledge and no matter which topic it is,Today's lecture was amazing and I am looking forward for more classes of Your'.You have always been my inspiration ,and in today's class u have taught us:
1. Nation and country
 I never knew the difference between them and you clarified it all and one more knew thing i learnt about is that in america 'nation' n 'country' is considered to be the same,but in india it is a whole lot different.

2.Application of matrix in photography
I was amazed by knowing that matrices can be even used in pictures .The matrix in a photo is made up of binary numbers n depending on the resolution we have get the picture .for example if the resolution is 1000x1000 then the number of elements in the matrix will be 1million.In case of colour photo we use 3 colours i.e RGB so a colour picture will be made up of 3million pixels.
The company which makes the most number of camera's is Nokia!

3.IRS(Indian Remote Sensing Satellite)
It is a satellite which takes the pictures of India and surveys on all the things going on in our country. It is about 600 to 800km above the surface of earth.I always thought that Madhya Pradesh was the centre of India but i've known that the place where i'm living in since my childhood,Hyderabad is the center of India by taking the whole area of india as well as andaman nicobar ,so the NRSC,National Remote Sensing Centre is situated in Sharadnagar and the antena has a diameter of 6metres .IRS takes around 14 revolutions around he earth in a day.The camera used in space is having a focus of 3metres and its resolution is 16000x18000.About 200 colours are used in that camera and thermal band is used to see if any person is camouflaging and we can zoom upto 500 times and this phenomenon is called pixel breaking.
Interesting part is that we can even know the presence of water with the help of this satellite .In gujrat and rajastan they discovered that a river is flowing underground and when they plotted its map they realised that it just just the shape of the river Saraswati and by taking a sample of water and by using Carbon Dating technique they found out that it went underground in 3200BC.

4.Krilian Photography
It is used for predicting the thngs by sensing the touch of a human and even a person's diseases .

5. The time taken to close our eyelibs is about 0.28seconds .

6.CAT is written to get into MBA
   GATE for and
GRE for M.s

7.Nuero Programming and even the nueral networks and there are few things which we can only learn from experience and by mere practise . And a Monkey can jump upto 56feet!

8.The most inspiring part is that shloka 
 Sahasam(get into action ),
Parakramam(will power to stick up to our decisions even if we have many obstructions), 
shadedhe yatra wardanthe ,daivam thatra prashayayeth!

Which means "Where all these six qualities are present ,God is always present there" 
9.Art of drawing Beautifully
Last but not the least,I've always a great passion for drawing but i ws very bad at drawing a face but today u helped me alot by telling few tips how to draw a person,firstly the size of the body must be 7 and half times the size of our head ,secondly the end of our ear and our lips will lie on the same line and our eyes lie on the same line which passes through the top of our ear.The hands should be a little above the knees.

Thank You so much for sparing your precious time n sharing such worthy things with us ,Sir.

IT ,2nd yr