Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AEC-MBA-MCA 0n 2011 August 24-25

Hai sir,

This is Nirosha. Today is the second day of this CRT program, its very that interesting and fun game that we have played sir. thanks for conducting all these for us.



good morning sir,
This is ganesh (mba) the main thing i would like to share is in crt programme every one has actively participated and expressed their views which gives a person to learn something new which he never had before,the debate session is the ultimate one which gives a person to think & think in innovative manner.i gained some knowledge. finally i want to say the session is superb,it(crt session) motivated me a lot. I Want you to conduct a compulsory programme on crt to the juniors along with subject .





I, Naveen Reddy. Today I participated in Corporate Recruitment &Training Program.

Sir first day class is very good and it's very useful not only in the process of recruitment but also in entire life.
And thank you for your care about student feature.

And once again Thank to you about giving us this wonderful opportunity to learn through classroom,

Yours faithfully,

P.Naveen Reddy


Hai sir,

This is Nirosha(MBA). Today's session is good that you make everyone upon the stage and talking on their topics. This makes someone of the students and even me that the stage fear was gone.. I want say thanks for making this program in this moment before we are going for interviews.



Good Evening SIR,

I am srikanth.thogari from MBA(Marketing) . Sir, I have attended the corporate recruitment training program which has conducted in over college. With this program i have got a knowledge of giving presentations and mainly i have reduced stage fear, hope i do much better for next presentations,and i got so much of information by making conversation with you and my friends. By this program i have got to know my status and,I would like to improve my knowledge and communication. For this i need your help and corporation with a kind request.

Thank you for conducting this program.



Good evening sir,am sathish sharma if any mistakes in my curriculum vitae plz give some suggestion to prepare and tanq for conducting "CRT" classes.