Sunday, December 26, 2010

CR Training for MCA students of IHRD, Vadakkenchery, Palakkad

10122o - Corporate Recruitment Training for MCA students of IHRD, Vadakkenchery, Palakkad

I'm a student of college of applied science
you remember i was the one among the prayer group and you called us
and told me to tell its meaning.Saying form my heart your class was
"superb...".I can't forget that day in my life ...really its was so
Sir my problem is like everybody is not getting an
interest to study you know my friend sruthi who also has the same
problem.It was a little bit effective.Thank you for the help.Actually
i want to help my parents but i don't know what to do.I'm not that
much bad in studies but nowadays i'm not at all concentrating on my
studies.I'm getting so lazy.But i want to study as my parents want
.And the one thing i want to ask you is that could you suggest a way
to get concentrated on a work for a little while?
I'm intrested in teaching so much.But i don't know what
can i do for you that you told us to take class for students.

Hope you are fine.May all the way your life lead to
success.wishing you all the very best.

Hi Sir,

This is Aparna i don't know whether you remember me or not.But your classes were a great inspiration to me.And because of that i am so glad to inform you that i got job in wipro and now i am placed to a project in Chennai.

I am so thank full to you for all your support and so happy to inform you this matter.

Thanks & Regards,

Friday, December 17, 2010


Good evening sir!
The purpose, you came to our college (JNTUA COLLEGE OF PULIVENDULA), has worked. Your efforts gave the college fruitful results! 86 members of our college have been placed in 2 companies.
CTS - 64 members
Mahindra Satyam - 22 members
Still more companies to come,
Thank you sir for coming to the college and giving us useful lectures!


siva: sir ,hope you remember ,we were there last year Dec 1st and 2nd at pulivendulu,jntu campus.
me: oh.. yes..
nice that u remembered after an year.. exaclty..
god bless you

SI siva: Its most memorable in my Life
never forget
the journey with u
sessions and especially bhaskar school
sir ,please could u send those pics if possible ,i dont have with me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010