Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PTP Sessions at AEC by DrTPS Sabotaged

UNFORTUNATE THAT a few BRIGHTEST staff dont want AEC - BTechs PTP Classes .. and the Program is sabotaged....

I am R.saiomkar reddy of class 3ece b
 sir is there any chance for reconduction of ptp classes?

sir ,
     I am unable send the mail on time due to my internet problems ,so kindly permit me for the next class.
had many students who were behind me for sessions.....
ashwini more
Jul 28

to me
hello sir gud eveng..:)
      this is ashwini more from cse  sec a (3rd) year.unfortunately i missed P.T.P class this Wednesday..n sad to tell you that mi class mates couldnot convey me the activity that we need to do for this Wednesday. hope you tell it to me and also i request you to give me a chance to read out my matter on technology..hope you would accept my request and suggest me the work to be done..

thanking you,
yours sincerely
 good evening sir,

                   glad to write these paragraphs..
  The following is the knowledge which i gained by ur 3 sessions of PTP
 on the first friday i learnt the importance of reading an english news paper by which we can improve our communicational skills .we learnt one should have punctuality and taking notes is helpful for us.
after that we noted what is CERN (Europian center for nuclear research) ,also CCD(charge coupled device) which is used in digital imaging.
learnt about resolution - (resolving in detail)
we thought about an intelligent question that how to measure a thickness of a paper from a note book..i.e. by considering measurement of  the whole note book and by dividing with no. of pages it has.
The NOKIA company is the foremost one in manfacturing large no.of cameras.
on the second friday
we have discussed  GATE, after that
u have told us about a man's interest and how they  balance  studies with extra other qualities like music and dance or any other art, which mainly depends on a person's interest or enthuasiam on that perticular topic or area. so to do something or a bigthing or anything first and foremost we should have an interest on that.
we asked about  ur inspiration in real life, that was really interesting.
we have  known  a great personality named YASHPAL who is known for regular appearance on science program in doordarshan, T.N.Sheshan who is the election commissionar of india. he is known for his commitment.
            sir, The words u said about 'trust on some one' are really true.., when we have a trust on some one they definitely will do good things and vice versa...
u told us how a proffessor can find a thief...,that was a good logic and funny too. we discussed every thing is a business in this world right now ..
and now in today class,
we have known about NASCO( North association software and services company') also we learnt about "feel for the knowledge" which is a mind concept n listened so many xamples on that.

      finally today we learnt that 'aim for big goals bt not small" which is said by abdul kalam because  "we should always aim for the moon if its not reached don worry coz atleast we fall among the stars "
                       thanking you sir,
4th ece(a)

Shashank Mudivarthy
  • hello sir,
    I'm a student of aurora's engineering college(bhongir). I'm doing my 4th year in ece. Sir i've taken my GRE and secured 306 out of 340 in eng 150 and in math 156and now its time for my toefl which is on 28 oct of this month and in this I need your help sir.Some universities are asking a high speaking scores in toefl,so i need a little guidance from you where I can improve my speaking score. I've never seen any one who speaks so fluently and articulate words as you do sir.Sir, can you tell me your free time so that I can meet you tomorrow in the college.

Monday, August 6, 2012

NSIC - Entrepreneurship 120806-07

Hello Sir,
today workshop i.e 07-08-12, was motivational &  it gave a new idea to think about a future career option.
I was not aware that an Entrepreneur can be option to achieve our dream job.Especial Thank to NSIC
I got opportunity to meet & interact with Mr.Mustaq Ahmed Sir , who took workshop & enlighten us that
finance requirement is not a hurdle to start business & gave the details How Govt. is encouraging the
budding Entrepreneur??
                                                    THANK YOU SIR
(E.C.E 4 YR)

Gudevng sir,
im dheeraj reddy from 4a ece auroras engineering college,bhongir.
you had given us a great oppurtunity to attend workshop on enterprenuership,we people enjoyed alot learning things which are unaware to us.sir i request you to please conduct events like that we had today which provides self confidence and improves our personality.
sir if there are any mistakes in writing this email please forgive me.
thankin you.