Thursday, July 5, 2012

3rd - ECE 2010 - 2014 A/B - from 120705


good evening sir,  
I am one of the students who attended your session (PTP) today (5-7-2012). 
It was an amazing programme, where i got to know what kind of questions could be posed during an interview. I was elated when i came to know that most of the questions posed  during the interview were non technical. 
This has brought me a sort of confidence. Sir, the problem with me is that , I obtained a rank of 16,000 in EAMCET and was a student who scored not less than 75% ,until I joined . And now, I am struggling to get through the exams with  60%, which , I think is worst phase of my life. sir, what i felt was, my problem with me is the sudden freedom i got from the intermediate to engineering which has brought me down  to this level . 
I am not able to concentrate on the subject, though I have been following the tips you have given in today's session, i.e making notes, discussing with the friends etc. sir , please give me some tips to curb my laziness, which , I have been said, has been the reason for my downfall. 
Sir, it would be helpful to me  if you give some tips to cure laziness and improve my concentration skills. Thank you sir. 
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------------------------------------ 120712 -------

 Dear sir,
 I am sravanthi from 3rd year ECE-B.
Presence of mind.

DRDL-Defence research and development laboratory.
DLRL-Defence electronics research laboratory.
BDL-Bharat dynamics limited
HAL-Hindustan aeronautics limited
NAL-National aerospace laboratories
NATO-North atlantic treaty organization.

1.Technical presentation
2.Write a page about yourself
3.Start reading english newspaper and make a paragraph
4.Logical reasoning analytical reasoning


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