Friday, February 24, 2012



good evening sir,

I am ravali from 1st IT in aurora's engineering college.
your seminar on friday is very inspiring for us sir.
we are expecting such type of seminars in future also.
By attending that seminar i learned many things.
i learned how to understand the subject and the tips you given to us is very useful.
thanks for motivating us.


good evening sir.

sir today ive attended your session on personality development and tricks to learn. It was very motivational and inspiring for us. some of the important points in that were to learn the subjects in the enjoyable manner,how to make them interesting. physics is related to history,geography.

3. Applications of mathematics on computer screens or any displays.

4.How to measure a thickness of one paper ,and to know atom size with our hair. told us important of note taking and note making and we can improve our knowledge by reading news papers. told us the reason how tides are formed in the sea,and motivated us to join in administrative services or civil services. do light scatter at different wavelengths and reason behind the different colors of light in the sky. to control anger and how to wake up early in the morning and important of manas and budhi . to visualize a subject and read the subject before the faculty tells and prepare a tough question paper and share it with the friend so that our knowledge gets improved.

11.importance of positive thinking (no problem) at any incidents or circumstances

sir today's session was so inspiring,awesome and i want to join in civil services.for that i require your help sir.

thank you for today and i hope we have more sessions like today sir.


M.Samanth kumar

IT first year

I suneeth of first year information technology studing in aurora engineering college (bhongir) .

In this mail i want to give my feedback on your class which has been taken on friday i.e(24-02-2012),in the after noon session .

yesterday i learnt many new things from your class in that session i learnt about note making and note editing and the difference between them, and also learnt what is meant by gravity and its derivation in that u said what is 9.8 meters per sec per sec.

and i also learnt how to visualize physics ,and also learnt importance of reading news paper daily and importance of civil services in life and even we got a technique to measure the thickness of a paper ,

and also u said about how dose sky change colour from blue to red in the red that is because of pollution in the atmosphere and also learnt the way to study the subject and making question paper and challenge friend with that question paper and at last i learnt many valuable things from your class.

thanking you,
yours sincerely,
IT first year.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Dear Sir,

Sir! When I was listening to your lecture , I was wondering if every lecturer would take class very interestingly like you, then everybody would be very dedicated towards studies.

Everyone would enjoy being in class, regretting time.
Education would be fun.

But, after the lecture I realized that it is in the student whether to take it in a positive way or negative.It is we who has to change a lot and there is nothing to be changed from the lecturer side.

This is the major thing I have learned and I am going to change. From now on EDUCATION IS FUN for me..............................

And few more things I have learned are

  • Every subject is interlinked and we don't realize it.
  • Studying Nature is nothing but Technology. Not only the Nanotechnology from mosquito but much more.
  • Drinking lots of water give us less or no diseases.
  • Boiled water just quenches our thirst.
  • Our brain is more brilliant than us. As we do somethings without any reason like rubbing our forehead while thinking or in tension.
  • Nervousness can be reduced by drinking water.
  • Learning Physics makes us think practically. And beyond physics is Philosophy.
  • Nothing is impossible unless we think we can't make it.
  • Our attitude is depends on what we eat.
  • Concentration comes with interest and interest can be created by ourselves.
  • Good student always writes down the matter which he/she wants to remember.
  • Our desires can be achieved by doing them by heart, not by brain.
  • Heart is throughout our body which we don't realize.
  • And the most important thing is Education is Fun.
Sir!There is one thing I would like to tell.

When I said that when God gives me a wish I said that whatever I do I should excel in that. And u reacted so quickly and asked when I would be sleeping would I want to excel in sleeping. I was wondering how much time does it take for me to be like that.

And one thing I would like to ask you is "You said u were an astrologer, a physicist, a philosopher, a psychiatrist, and you even studied law ". How is it possible for a man to all of these at the same time????

Thank you Sir for letting me in even if I was late..And sorry for the late to send this mail.

I wish I could attend more seminars or lectures of you Sir.....And I really enjoyed every second of it.



-Today sir we learnt about all the subjects are inter-related to each
other.All the subjects should be given equal importance because they
will be use to us in some or other means.
-We also learnt about nanotechnology which is been used in different fields.
-First in 2005 microbiology was famous but now with the growth in
nanotechnology we are referring it for most nanosized particles.
-We learnt that whatever we do we should do with interest and eagerness.
-We learnt that mosquito bite is not harmful when mosquito sits on us
we don't get distracted by the way that it is biting us but when we
see we get panic. But when mosquito sucks blood from our body after
sucking blood it gives an anti anaesthesia but when we hit it the
syringe of the mosquito goes into our body due to which we get
-We also learnt that some part of knowledge is thought by the faculty
some, some is should be learnt by the student and some should be
learnt by group discussions preparing question papers and asking our
friend to solve it and then evaluating it.
-If a person want to get interest in a subject he or she should first
see the topic in the text book and should close the book for an hour
or so and after some time we should write what we know about the
particular topic without referring .By doing this we know what is
lacking in us which increases an eagerness to read that particular
-We also discussed about EEG(electroencephalogram) which is used for
testing and recording the electrical activity of brain.
Roll NO.- 11621A0364

ROLL NUMBER-11621A0364
what is nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology deals with nanosized particles and devices.
Nanoscale uses "nanometer" as the basic unit of measurement and it
represents a billionth of a meter or one billionth of a part.
One-nm is about 3 to 5 atoms wide.This is very tiny when compared
normal sizes day to day encounter.
for example this is 1/1000th the width of human hair.
Any physical substance or device with structural dimensions below 100
nm is called nanomaterial or nano-device.
Nanotechnogy is dependent on the technolgy that involves fabrication
of material,devices and systems through direct control of matter at
nanometer length scale or less than 100 nm.
Nanoparticles can be defined as building blocks of nanomaterials and
Nanoparticles include
nanotubes,nanofibers,fullerenes,dendrimers,nanowires and may be made
of ceramics,metal,non-metal,metal oxide,organic or inorganic.
At this small scale level, the physical, chemical and biological
properties of materials differ significantly from the fundamental
properties at bulk level.
Nanomaterial can be physically and chemically manipulated to alter the
properties, and these properties can be measured using nanoscale
sensors and gages.
Nanoscience is divide into two fields:-
Nanotools are required for manipulation of matter at nanoscale or atomic level.
Certain devices which manipulate matter at atomic or molecular level
are scanning-probe microscopes, atomic force microscopes, atomic layer
deposition devices and nanolitography tools.
Nanolithography means creation of nanoscale struture by etching or printing.
Nanotools comprises of fabrication techniques, analysis of metrology
instruments, software for nanotechnology research and development.
Softwares are utilized in nanolithography, 3-D printing, nanofluidics
and chemical vapour deposition.
Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials.


Respected sir,

Sub: A Document on guest lecture given by Dr. T P Sasikumar sir

Ref: Guest lecture given by Dr. T P Sasikumar sir at AEC, Bhongir, Nalgonda dist. On


My name is pavankumar sir. I am studying mechanical engineering first year

at aurora engineering college, Bhongir. Today I was very much thrilled with your lecture sir.

This gave me sufficient guidance to proceed further. As you asked us to prepare a

Document on today’s lecture I am going to repeat some points which attracted me.

Ø Learn the subject with interest and enjoyment that means with heart and

not by brain.

Ø Every person must know the importance and application of the particular


Ø You also interlinked and proved why physics is not different from chemistry by taking the example of 2 metals and by explaining the different types of bonds involved between them.

Ø Atom size calculation is explained by taking the example of the thickness of

Paper-such as by taking and calculating the thickness of 100papers or sheets and dividing with 100.

Ø To make the class interesting we should read the topics which are going to be

discussed the next day by the faculty.

Ø ¼th of knowledge will be given by faculty,1/4th should me learnt by students and

remaining portion can be gained by interacting with our classmates

Ø we must interact with any of our classmate and ask him to prepare on a particular topic.

Ask him to prepare a question paper on the topic and try to solve the paper which was prepared by him and try to give a question paper to him which was prepared by you.

Ø We also learnt how geography, geophysics are related to physics.

Ø We also learnt how electricity flows in the circuit-such as an excited state of electron is called electricity and it flows only through the peripherals and not through the centre of the circuit.

Ø If a person want to get interest in a subject he or she should first see the topic in the text book and should close the book for a while and after some time we should write what we know about the particular topic without referring .Then we can find the unknown part and thereby an anxiety grows which leads to an interest towards the subject.

Ø If a person wants to be a good student firstly he or she should note the important points in the class and if we have any doubts we should discuss with the classmates or search on the internet until we get the right and clear picture about the doubt.

Ø We have to prepare notes which make our conceptual study easy.

Ø We also discussed and learnt about nanotechnology by taking an example of mosquito-in which we have learnt about how a crunchy biscuit turns to soft when a mosquito sits on it

Ø Our brain knows about us .so “your brain knows you very well” and our brain is too intelligent than us.

Ø We also discussed why nanotechnology is used widely than micro technology by taking example of atom-such as nanotechnology can study by magnify an atom up to 10 to the power 9 where as micro technology can be explained up to 10 to the power of 6.

Ø At last after having awonderful lecture we concluded with a small remembering game.

v Last but not least we also learnt that “we should not waste time ,we should invest time”

Thanking you sir,

Yours sincerely,



Good evening sir, we are very much inspired by the way you have motivated us today in session.

thanks to you by which we have learnt many things like

1.How different subjects are related to each other.

2.Human behavior's.

3.How to cool some one's anger.

4.How to make morning of a day thrilling (though funny but true...!).

5.Why people are different in their physical appearance in different places.

6.Good students behavior.

7.Concentration and interest.

8.Importance of MANAS over BUDDHI.

9.Positive thinking and attitude.

10.Learning and sharing.

i hope we have further session like today's

thank you

this feedback is by :

T.UDAY KIRAN (11621A03B7)


EEE-1 120223,


Respected sir,

I am really very thankful to your valuable lecture yesterday , I have been to your lecture which was held by LUGI way back in 2008 . I was very much impressed by your speech over there

,sir but yesterday's speech was really awesome sir you have shown me how to enjoy studying in a easy manner and i have also realized that no subject is hard until u try to over come it.

SIR i have a question for you

" DO U ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE LIVING ACCORDING TO VEDAS OR WILL UR APPROACH BE IN A SCIENTIFIC MANNER" please let me know this and I also want to be a part of your HP program sir.

thanking you,

yours sincerely,


EEE -1st year,

respected sir,
my self keshav raj from EEE-A, with the response to ur class i am sending this mail

the following r the points which are dissusied by u today
1) we interlinked phy with geography
similarly interlinkage of phy with bilology etc
Evolution of nanotechnology
about nano science
Thermodynamics in body
Human behaviour
About atom
How life changes
The blogs u write
How a student can Consentrate on studies
HOW a good student will be
How can we learn ur self
I learnt that when we read getting information is one thing n getting doubts is also should be otherside
we must learn ourselfs
and also we must realise that Brain is more intelligent then Body
A good student is who who possess a question
wat is manusu n ts Behaviour \

"CHEAT YOURSELF IF U REALLY WANT TO LEARN " is the main thing i learnt
APART from this i want some suggestion from u sir ,actually i get depressed very quickly can u please suggest me how to get ride of this problem ???????
thanking you
Yours truely,
S.keshav raj.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


my self vidya from CSE-A, with the response to ur class i am sending this mail

the following r the points which are discussed by u today
1) write one word which contains all 5 vowels (a,i,e,o,u) and write the words from that single word eg:EDUCATION
2) Difference in happiness and bliss
3) Evils
4)Write so many good and bad words from alphabets
5)Good planning,Action,Dharyam,Buddhi,Shakti,Prayakaram
udyamam saahasam dhairyam
buddhi sakthi parakarmam
shaDethe yathra varthanthe
daivam thathra prakaasayeth

"Failure is not the worst thing in the world. The very worst is not to try"
Thank you sir
Yours truly


Respected sir,

I mrunal of first year computer science engineering studying in aurora's engineering college.

Your seminar on friday is very interesting and inspiring sir i am expecting such type of seminars in future also.

I have got a lot of information from ur speech

I learned many new things that are essential for my future,i learnt how to learn the subjects i got your tips very instersting.

Thanks for motivating us sir.



Gudevng sir..
todays class was excellent we have learnt many things.....
1. Importance of taking n making notes
2. importance of phy in engineering
3. improving our soft skills
4. investing our time
5. presence of mind
6. concentrating in the class
7. reading newspaper
8. preparing for our exams


Madhuri Reddy



2012-01-18 13.19.49.jpg

Hello sir;

I am b.sai bharadwaj a student of first year cse’b’ attended your seminar for the first time today (22/02/12). Even I am one of the student who hated physics right from childhood. The huge derevations and complicated calculations compared to mathematics had developed hatred towards


All these days I read only for the sake of marks but after listening to your enlightened speech, I am delighted to practice and preach the methodology of studying subjects.

Your speech has even improved my concentration and confidence levels and it has explained the importance of interactive learning. I shall definitely think of your speech when ever I get diverted while I am studying. I shall even encourage my friends of other groups/colleges to see your lecture videos and follow them for a better successful life. I even thank you for explaining me the achievements of bharadwaj. My house is very near to your residence at malkajgiri. If you give me an

Opportunity on any Sunday I shall try to taste your treatement. also please suggest me some things to be one among those 20 students you select from each class.

Thanking on behalf of entire cse’b’

Your’s sincerely





A note on my grasp in the session today:
  • I came to know the actual definition of learning.
  • We should love the subject which we learn.
  • Focusing on the task which we do.
  • Enjoying every task which we undertake.
  • Known how to relate everything to Physics.
  • Got to know why the sky is blue.
  • Got to know the actual person who first expelled about atom.
  • Size of atom = Rajaha/30.
  • Aura:The Electro-Magnetic field around us till which consciousness lasts.
  • Krilian Photography.
  • Known about the transfer of energy from one person to the other.For example,through Clapping.
  • Known about the Visible Spectrum.
Answer For Your Question: Prof. of Physics(MIT)-Walter H.G. Lewin.
Phrase of the Session: Every person must be a Marketing Personnel for his Subject.
Are you literal in saying viscous fluids are Non-Newtonian? (OR ) Is it because of viscous force which balance gravitational force?
Remarks:Best of the best lectures which changed my way of vision on tasks.
J D S K Chaitanya.

Thursday, February 16, 2012





I.0 Multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies

1.1. Definition,

1.2. Scope and Importance –

1.3. Need for Public Awareness

2.0. Natural Resources :

2.1. Renewable and non-renewable resources

2.2. Natural resources and associated problems

2.3. Forest Resources – Use and over – exploitation

2.4. Deforestation, case studies – Timber extraction

2.5. Mining, dams and other effectson forest and tribal people

2.6. Water resources

2.7. Use and over utilization of surface and ground water

2.8. Floods, drought,

2.9. conflicts over water

2.10. dams – benefits and problems

2.11. Mineral resources: Use and exploitation

2.12. environmental effects of extracting and using mineral resources

2.13. case studies. - Food resources

2.14. World food problems

2.15. changes caused by agriculture and overgrazing

2.16. effects of modern agriculture

2.17. fertilizer-pesticide problems

2.18. water logging, salinity

2.19. case studies. - Energy resources:

2.20. Growing energy needs,

2.21. renewable and non-renewable energy sources

2.22. use of alternate energy sources.

2.23. Case studies. Land resources:

2.24. Land as a resource,

2.25. land degradation,

2.26. man induced landslides

2.27. soil erosion and desertification

2.28. Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources

2.29. Equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles

3.0. Ecosystems :

3.1. Concept of an ecosystem. –

3.2. Structure and function of an ecosystem. –

3.3. Producers, consumers and decomposers. –

3.4. Energy flow in the ecosystem –

3.5. Ecological succession. –

3.6. Food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids.-

3.7. Introduction, types, characteristic features, structure and function of the following ecosystem:

3.7.a. Forest eco system

3.7.b. Grassland ecosystem

3.7.c. Desert ecosystem

3.7.d. Aquatic ecosystems (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, estuaries)

4.0. Biodiversity and its conservation :

4.1. Introduction –

4.2. Definition: genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. –

4.3. Bio-geographical classification of India –

4.4. Value of biodiversity: consumptive use, productive use, social, ethical, aesthetic and option values -.

4.5. Biodiversity at global, National and local levels. - .

4.6. India as a mega-diversity nation –

4.7. Hot-sports of biodiversity –

4.8. Threats to biodiversity: habitat loss, poaching of wildlife, man-wildlife conflicts. –

4.9. Endangered and endemic species of India –

4.10. Conservation of biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of biodiversity.