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2nd IT 2011-2015 from 120709

------------------ 120714 -------------------
Good Evening Sir,

I must say this i consider myself to be lucky to have a teacher like you ,sir.I'm fortunate that i have a master who has tonnes of  knowledge and no matter which topic it is,Today's lecture was amazing and I am looking forward for more classes of Your'.You have always been my inspiration ,and in today's class u have taught us:
1. Nation and country
 I never knew the difference between them and you clarified it all and one more knew thing i learnt about is that in america 'nation' n 'country' is considered to be the same,but in india it is a whole lot different.

2.Application of matrix in photography
I was amazed by knowing that matrices can be even used in pictures .The matrix in a photo is made up of binary numbers n depending on the resolution we have get the picture .for example if the resolution is 1000x1000 then the number of elements in the matrix will be 1million.In case of colour photo we use 3 colours i.e RGB so a colour picture will be made up of 3million pixels.
The company which makes the most number of camera's is Nokia!

3.IRS(Indian Remote Sensing Satellite)
It is a satellite which takes the pictures of India and surveys on all the things going on in our country. It is about 600 to 800km above the surface of earth.I always thought that Madhya Pradesh was the centre of India but i've known that the place where i'm living in since my childhood,Hyderabad is the center of India by taking the whole area of india as well as andaman nicobar ,so the NRSC,National Remote Sensing Centre is situated in Sharadnagar and the antena has a diameter of 6metres .IRS takes around 14 revolutions around he earth in a day.The camera used in space is having a focus of 3metres and its resolution is 16000x18000.About 200 colours are used in that camera and thermal band is used to see if any person is camouflaging and we can zoom upto 500 times and this phenomenon is called pixel breaking.
Interesting part is that we can even know the presence of water with the help of this satellite .In gujrat and rajastan they discovered that a river is flowing underground and when they plotted its map they realised that it just just the shape of the river Saraswati and by taking a sample of water and by using Carbon Dating technique they found out that it went underground in 3200BC.

4.Krilian Photography
It is used for predicting the thngs by sensing the touch of a human and even a person's diseases .

5. The time taken to close our eyelibs is about 0.28seconds .

6.CAT is written to get into MBA
   GATE for and
GRE for M.s

7.Nuero Programming and even the nueral networks and there are few things which we can only learn from experience and by mere practise . And a Monkey can jump upto 56feet!

8.The most inspiring part is that shloka 
 Sahasam(get into action ),
Parakramam(will power to stick up to our decisions even if we have many obstructions), 
shadedhe yatra wardanthe ,daivam thatra prashayayeth!

Which means "Where all these six qualities are present ,God is always present there" 
9.Art of drawing Beautifully
Last but not the least,I've always a great passion for drawing but i ws very bad at drawing a face but today u helped me alot by telling few tips how to draw a person,firstly the size of the body must be 7 and half times the size of our head ,secondly the end of our ear and our lips will lie on the same line and our eyes lie on the same line which passes through the top of our ear.The hands should be a little above the knees.

Thank You so much for sparing your precious time n sharing such worthy things with us ,Sir.

IT ,2nd yr

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