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2nd - ECE 2011 - 2015 A/B/C from 120703

 Good Evening Sir,

          i am aarti from 2nd yr ece(b) department.i am writing you for the first time and i am getting very scared to type anything....actually i am not so good at English.i want to overcome my fear..can u please help me out sir
          as you suggested us,i have started reading newspaper and it is really helping me a lot to improve my vocabulary.Today after reading newspaper i came across few words which were new to me
1.propensity-a tendency
2.compelling-attracting much attention or admiration 
3.grit-courage and determination
4.consent-permission or agreement
5.prosecute-take legal proceedings against someone for a crime
7.maul-wound by scratch and tearing
8.boisterous-noisy,lively,and high spirited
9.comply-do what is requested or ordered
10.cacophony-harsh mixture of sounds
11.confront-*meet an opponent face to face
                 *deal with or face to face a problem
12.menace-dangerous or troublesome person or thing,a threatning quality
13.glaring-very obvious 
14.grievance-a cause for complaint
               Thank you sir..Good night :)
 Aarti Singh

------------------------- 120723 ----------------------------------------
good evening sir ...
sir suggest me few I don't say few things but many.. sir ,so many times I thought of sending a mail to  you and to interact with you but I fail to do so..because I hesitate and fear a lot of doing things..I don't feel free so easily..i don't no why ...!! I want to be good at my English and SIR I WANT TO DEVELOP MY COMMUNICATION SKILLS  AT WHICH I AM VERY POOR.. I fail to express and explain  the things only because I have a lot of fear in me and POOR at my skills and before i was not able to express my thoughts and views but now I am expressing some of my thoughts through writing shayari type things..but when ever I want to speak out about something its difficult for me to do soo....I don't know up to what extent my English is good...While writing I feel like I am okay at English..I don't even say its good while I am speaking out..  I have attended your last two sessions  on placement training sir.(ECE-2B)   SIR  I can express my self better in hindi ...few lines about me..

   todi sahami si hu mey,todi dari si
   kahi sare saval hai dimag mey
   jiske javab jaan na chahatha hai ye dil
   per mera mhu(mouth)hai ki khultha nahi
   naaye chez janaemey hai dilchas bi
   per kadam  hai ki aagey badne se ruk jathey hai
   koyi  ek  aisa chez hoti hai,
   vo mano aagey badney se rokthi hai muje
   kya vuse mey dar kahu , yaaa phir mey kuch janthi hi nahi
   soacthi hu kuch ,aur kerthi hu kuch aur he
   aur hu todi bulakkad... :(
   per hai muj mey bi todi aakal
   bus vuse sidey se istamal ni keri hu
   vishwas hai muje khud pe ki kerungi kuch aalag
   per hosala hai  muje mey kuch cum
    todi si natkat aur sharthi bandi hu
   aapki madat chathi hu ...!!!! :)
-- name hidden----

-------------------------120721 ----------------------

Good Evening Sir.

Glad to have you as my professor sir. I started admiring you from my 1st meeting; when you taught us on freshers day on 30th, august 2011.
Sir , I thought of meeting you many times personally but couldn't do it .
Hope from now onwards I will regularly meet you in campus.

on today's introductory class of PTP (Placement training program) we have learned so much information which exist in the universe !
some important sanskrit slokas which have wonderful meaning which motivated us a lot.
some of the abbrevations like, 
  •   LIFE - Learn In Full Enjoyment
  • EFIL - Ekalavya for Future Indian Leadership
 and many a lot programs conducted by you sir.

I trust and follow in your principles sir.
thanking you,

your's sincerely,


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