Friday, February 24, 2012



good evening sir,

I am ravali from 1st IT in aurora's engineering college.
your seminar on friday is very inspiring for us sir.
we are expecting such type of seminars in future also.
By attending that seminar i learned many things.
i learned how to understand the subject and the tips you given to us is very useful.
thanks for motivating us.


good evening sir.

sir today ive attended your session on personality development and tricks to learn. It was very motivational and inspiring for us. some of the important points in that were to learn the subjects in the enjoyable manner,how to make them interesting. physics is related to history,geography.

3. Applications of mathematics on computer screens or any displays.

4.How to measure a thickness of one paper ,and to know atom size with our hair. told us important of note taking and note making and we can improve our knowledge by reading news papers. told us the reason how tides are formed in the sea,and motivated us to join in administrative services or civil services. do light scatter at different wavelengths and reason behind the different colors of light in the sky. to control anger and how to wake up early in the morning and important of manas and budhi . to visualize a subject and read the subject before the faculty tells and prepare a tough question paper and share it with the friend so that our knowledge gets improved.

11.importance of positive thinking (no problem) at any incidents or circumstances

sir today's session was so inspiring,awesome and i want to join in civil services.for that i require your help sir.

thank you for today and i hope we have more sessions like today sir.


M.Samanth kumar

IT first year

I suneeth of first year information technology studing in aurora engineering college (bhongir) .

In this mail i want to give my feedback on your class which has been taken on friday i.e(24-02-2012),in the after noon session .

yesterday i learnt many new things from your class in that session i learnt about note making and note editing and the difference between them, and also learnt what is meant by gravity and its derivation in that u said what is 9.8 meters per sec per sec.

and i also learnt how to visualize physics ,and also learnt importance of reading news paper daily and importance of civil services in life and even we got a technique to measure the thickness of a paper ,

and also u said about how dose sky change colour from blue to red in the red that is because of pollution in the atmosphere and also learnt the way to study the subject and making question paper and challenge friend with that question paper and at last i learnt many valuable things from your class.

thanking you,
yours sincerely,
IT first year.

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