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Pen drive

It is a flash memory card that plugs into computer's USB port. Small enough to hook onto a key chain, it emulates a small disk drive and allows data to be easily transferred from one machine to another.

History :

The first flash drive were designed and marketed by through a joint venture between IBM and trek technologies corporation . these initial drives were released in last quarter in the year 2000 as 'thumb drives' and featured an 8mb storage capacity that easily surpassed the floppy drive's 1.44mb storage capacity.

How does a pen drive works

"pen drive" is another name used to describe a certain type of universal serial bus (USB) flash drive.pen drives are Nand -type flash memory cards that can be plugged into computer's

USB port. The term "pen" refers to its size. This type of flash drive is so small that it can fit into the palm of your hand. Also , it is often flat and rectangular, similar to the shape of highlighter pen.

Pen drives are used to store data. These flash drives vary in storage capacity (64mb to 32gb) and are removable and writable. techies often purchase pen drives as replacements or backups for CD-R'S or floppy disk. Ipods and mp3 players are the most popular form of pen drives.


Pen drive acts as permanent storage drives that interface with the computer through a USB or firewire port. These pen drive store information for any of the same uses an internal hard drive. The pen drive use flash memory modules that hold data in a Nand memory configuration , which have increased sequential read and write speeds but reduced random access time.


Resistant to scratches:

Pen drives are resistant to scratches and dust. They can be carried from one place to another and withstand everyday carring and abuse.pen drives often have small cap to the area that plugs into the USB port, and some are also now retractable.

One-stop storage:

Important office document can be saved onto a pen drive and taken to another office.

Pen drives are universal:

The design of pen drives makes it easy to fit almost anywhere. They can store large amount of information . almost all computers that are designed today have a USB port that allows for extra devices to be attached to access other

Information on other computer hardware accessories.

Small size for easy transport.



Too small and portable to loose, you can loose if it is gone or device is corrupted. some devices may be very slow based on the memory speed etc. otherwise a very user friendly, more reliable and cheaper media compared to earlier magnetic disks (floppy disks).

Its easily lost, as it is so small.

It is also broken easily.

keerthi muppuri



The topic which i selected was Technology:

In the current time people can't imagine their life without technology. Surrounding us various technologies are helping people to live their life with more luxury. The technology sector has changed and developed many products. The technology is providing many advantages but also it has some disadvantages. The following are some of them:


There are several advantages of technology like

Easier life - With technological machine people are getting help in every sector. Cars and bikes are helping people to reach anywhere quickly. Airplane and superfast trains have been reduced distance between cities and countries. Computer and internet are providing information in simplest way also it has changed way of communication. Now people are doing video conferencing and chatting to communicate with their friends and family used communication technology.

Lesser Mistakes - Machines are helping people to make lesser mistakes. Robots or machines are working accurately and you just need to program them with proper information. Like in production of any automotive most of manufacturing companies are using automatic machines which follow instruction of computer or that person who is operating the machine. And all work gets done perfectly.

Save Time - Technologies are saving our time, for an example you can fly anywhere in the world in lesser time. With a computer you can do any work in lesser time and also it helps to enhance quality and provide suggestions. Machines are helping people in kitchen too - like Oven and these are also saving time.


Everyone knows that technology is very helpful but it has some disadvantages too. Because many companies have adopted automatic machines so that they can improve their production with accuracy. As a result many people lost their jobs.

Similarly house maids are losing their jobs because robotic machines are doing their job. Owner need to pay one time only while maid get paid for every month.

However machines and robots look inexpensive and good to use but, when any technical problem occurs in machine or robot, it took much time to fix it and also it can be expensive.


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