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ECE - 3

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Shanmuk Reddy
  • sir,
    i'm from ece3b.Few of us are willing to make our class itself as a platform to enrich our skills & capabilities. Every tuesday & thursday v r having last 2 hrs as guest lectures and sports hours.we r willing to convert those hrs into a program through which we(every individual of class) get benifited.
    in that program so far vr thinking to
    1.start doing practical/mini projects.. through which one can gain practical knowledge & experience.. buid one's confidence improve our communicational that every one of us culd b able to present themselves and convey vat they intend without any fear and any jerks.. in afluent way...
    ... for practical/mini projec v r willing to go with a supportin faculty..
    kindly help us how to make our proceedings.. and give your valuable suggestions sir..


Hi sir,

I am M. V. Sai Darshan of third year E.E.E. We just did not see today's class as just a lecture or a lesson. We see it as one of the best interactions we had ever had with our professors.
A brief view of today's class:
  • Topics covered :
  1. Definition, scope of environment.
  2. Objectives, goals of environmental education.
  3. Addressing major environmental problems.
  4. Green technology: goals, areas, applications.
  5. Ecological footprint.
  6. Ecosystem: types, factors, attributes, laws of energy and thermodynamics, food chains, pyramids.
  • Highlights :
  1. Even though the environment is defined as the surrounding external conditions of living creatures.... WE ARE ALSO A PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT and we are in it.
  2. Environmental studies is not just a science. It is a culture which we have to inculcate and it has to be habituated.
  3. Human beings are not solely responsible for all the major problems in the environment. It is all by the nature of the planet earth.
  4. Mathematical terms reveal that there is no global warming. Instead there is only local city warming in the urbanized areas.
  5. It is the most developed regions like Saudhi Arabia which cause major pollution.
  6. A plant is just similar to a firm with all its leaves as the main operating industrial units in it.
  • Inspiring and motivational lines :
  1. Make a habit to read news papers daily to improve our general knowledge. At the same time, don't believe whatever you read. But try to understand it.
  2. "Brahmarpanam": We require food just to provide our brains with nutrition and energy so as to work properly for creative thinking. And the food is not to satisfy our hunger for the whole family pack biryanis. and nor for the body building. So even a small seed with highly nutritional value can do the job.
  3. (General knowledge + Understanding ability = Creative thinking)
  4. "Pinda to Brahmanda": physics is present right from the tiny atom to the universe.
  5. Science in vedas : Planting of 23 varieties of carbon holding trees result in your MOKSHA.
We had a very good time. I hope to learn with joy like this every time.

darshan madamsetty

Dr.T.P Sasi Kumar sir

About 15/02/12 session
It was realy wounderful session to inspire the students…
Most important thing that good student do is
1.taking a note
2.making a note
3.reading a news paper
We got to know the great works you have done for many peoples
By this session…
Students personal skills can be developed by interraction with unknown
persons and asking question to them..
Importance of S.o.P..
I m very happy to hear that you are going to give us traind us for
campus interview n in choosing right path……

ram pareek


today we actually dealt about what you have done in the remote villages and how you changed them to a wise people with in 3 months of training..

not only that but also we gained some information on what actually you are in detail with this interactive session.

especially I came to know that not only a positive way of teaching is sufficient but also the students must be made aware of the negatives that happen in the life..
with some examples like..
making people sleep on the plat form.. and ordering some of them to clean the floor with their shirts..

there are lots of things i learnt sir...

The activity we are looking is nothing as of now... I did not discuss with any of my group mates . I'l inform you as soon as possible.. :)

thanku sir.. :D






This is report of today's session i.e 15-02-12. It was a wonderful session sir.

Today’s Session

A report on the Session (2hours 15 minutes). During the session following points are discussed:

1) A habit of good student by taking a note & making a note.

2) Importance of News Paper for knowledge of current affairs.

3) A student is supposed to maintain balance between the extreme situations by an example of walk.

4) Importance of mediation & Cleanliness by an example of professor & cleaning of white floor with a white Shirt.

5) Development of skills by non routine works such as interaction with unknown persons and collecting information by an example of Punishment at Goa.

6) Importance of Group Discussions with friends with an example of Friends in a same line of a street.

7) Importance of S.O.P.

8) Last but not the least asking Questions .It give a reason for the task that we undertake.


Thanking you


(3rd E.C.E B)

Hi sir,

this is anusha of ece 3rd year aurora's engg college.

As today we have
selected the team,these are my team members sir:
From today's session i've improved my confidence levels to the peak,

thanq very much sir for your valuable words.

appreciating every students i had seen first time in my life by you sir i mean lecturers appreciate only brilliant student .
if there is any mistake sorry sir.
tanveer patel



Glad on your email and nice to see your appreciation.

I was never a good student, BUT GUESS NOW I AM A GOOD STUDENT !!!

This is the reason I keep faith in all students.

Love to see students who respond - react - accept - ready to LEARN.

Keep Learning, Enjoy learning.

See the Links and BLOGs / FB Communities.

I am with you.

God Bless you.




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