Thursday, February 23, 2012

EEE-1 120223,


Respected sir,

I am really very thankful to your valuable lecture yesterday , I have been to your lecture which was held by LUGI way back in 2008 . I was very much impressed by your speech over there

,sir but yesterday's speech was really awesome sir you have shown me how to enjoy studying in a easy manner and i have also realized that no subject is hard until u try to over come it.

SIR i have a question for you

" DO U ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE LIVING ACCORDING TO VEDAS OR WILL UR APPROACH BE IN A SCIENTIFIC MANNER" please let me know this and I also want to be a part of your HP program sir.

thanking you,

yours sincerely,


EEE -1st year,

respected sir,
my self keshav raj from EEE-A, with the response to ur class i am sending this mail

the following r the points which are dissusied by u today
1) we interlinked phy with geography
similarly interlinkage of phy with bilology etc
Evolution of nanotechnology
about nano science
Thermodynamics in body
Human behaviour
About atom
How life changes
The blogs u write
How a student can Consentrate on studies
HOW a good student will be
How can we learn ur self
I learnt that when we read getting information is one thing n getting doubts is also should be otherside
we must learn ourselfs
and also we must realise that Brain is more intelligent then Body
A good student is who who possess a question
wat is manusu n ts Behaviour \

"CHEAT YOURSELF IF U REALLY WANT TO LEARN " is the main thing i learnt
APART from this i want some suggestion from u sir ,actually i get depressed very quickly can u please suggest me how to get ride of this problem ???????
thanking you
Yours truely,
S.keshav raj.


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  1. the awesome comparision said be Sasikumar sir is when he comparied the manas with a software
    i.e "manas is like a software ,can't be seen but only work's"..........
    i realied liked the comparision