Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CSE3 - AEC / CRT 120124----

Respected Sir,

It was our first session with you, sir. Yesterday’s session completely boosted us with confidence and some awareness towards our goals. Classification of Groups made the session more interesting and I am eager to take up the first activity. It was a very interaction for us after a very long time and the tourism minister who executed the bungee jump is from the nation Zambia and his name is Given Lubinda. Hope we have several sessions of this sort.

hitesh mohite

Good evening sir

I am the part of today’s wonderful P.D session. Am realized that, I should not be satisfied with what I have now…this is the one which I had learned from todays session..

i hope this will help me to grow up in my life… am really thankful to you sir…because your class changed my narrow thoughts to broad… self confidence is more important to a person ..i think I got it from todays session…really thanksssss thanks a lot..

with regards,

Bhavani shanker,


Dear Sir,

This is Yashasvi from CSE-3B of Aurora's Engineering College.I was a part of the interactive session conducted by you on campus placements at seminar hall today.I have listened to couple of your lectures earlier on Infosys tour and the one conducted on Indian Defence. I have listened to many lectures till date and all your sessions stay apart. Your examples have some realism and the matter of practicality and liveliness is what distinguishes your lectures from the rest. I have seen many blogs of you and I am also a part of the EFIL.We are lucky to have a personality like you and I hope we have many such sessions like this. Love you Sir !!!!

Thanking You

With regards,

Yashasvi Pyaraka.


Good Evening.....i browsed through the incedent in the internet and this is the information i could gather about the same .

The incident took place in Zambia . All this started with an Australian Traveler did as thousands of jumpers before her did at this high profile adventure destination and when she was 60 feet above the water, the bungee cord snapped, sending her down into the Zambezi River beneath her.

Most fortunately she survived, was able to swim to shore and has, what appears to be, a few bruises and a harrowing story to tell the rest of her life.

Video footage showing a holidaymaker plunging into crocodile-infested waters after her cord snaps during a bungee jump isn't really the best advert to encourage tourism.

Which is probably why Zambia's tourism minister decided to do a bungee jump himself from the bridge over the Zambezi River to reassure travellers after the now-famous Erin Langworthy video which was beamed around the world.


Ramesh Bhargava K,


Enegetic Sentences

(Which developes boost in our confidence)

1) What you want to be?

2) There may not be relation between education & profession.

3) Your spent time should be investment.

4) Real personality.

5) Live in full enjoyment.(LIFE)

Shravan Chikka

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